Commission for Nyghtwulf! Saphrix ended up “bonding” with hir tentacle pets! They also see fit to stuff hir full of glowy eggs! Oh no~

I don’t think shi’s minding the attention much at all! Companion piece to an older image, Tender Tentacles! Both are meant to line up together and imply that both situations are happening simultaneously. x)

The last piece of art for 2013 - a commission for forneus! c:

A super overdue commission for inaki! Oh my god this was so much fuunn. <333

Glowy snowmew bots are best bots!

"I wish to inspire… feelings in you."

Finished commission for thescalybard of her lovely characters Aliesque (on the left) and Wiren! (On the right)

Aliesque is head over heels (mist?) in love with Wiren, and wants to show the other demon affection - and after hearing about a human custom of giving a flower to someone you feel fondly for, he tries it. By tucking the flower into Wiren’s lapel!

Wiren is a demon nicknamed Soulless, because he’s conditioned to never show emotion, and also never feel it. I dunno, I’m quietly headcanoning that Wiren started to feel emotion to some capacity after this event. 8I

Commission for malkalypse!

The two lovers Dalhamun and Desalven are sentenced to be executed over a period of centuries - alone. They are allowed a final embrace before being separated for the rest of eternity.

(Ask malkalypse for more info!)


Commission for NyghtWulf!

Space goo is best goo.

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Commission for creoste of his hognose snake lady Amilie! Aaaa gosh she’s so cute, and this was so amazing to work on! ;w;

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A gift/commission for Mercy and Necrodrone13!

Necro had the idea to get Daddy and I our tickets, and Mercy bought them for us, so this is two of three things I currently owe them for that huge amazing thing they did for us this last October!

(Help I really like rendering goo aaaaa.)

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A gift/commission for Necro! She had the idea to get Daddy and I our tickets, so this is one of three things I currently owe Necro and Mercy! <333

My Empress became ensnared in a rivalry with the red Empress, Necro - and to settle the feud between the warring Matriarchs, the older of the pair stepped off of her throne as the senior breeding female.

Now, she resides in the Hive as a subordinate Matriarch to the red, winged Empress. She also enjoys being bound and suspended during sessions! c:

The style for this is heavily inspired by Aliens: Nightmare Asylum, though I think parts of it fell flat. Might do a few more studies and xeno pieces in this style!

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An impromptu sequel piece to [Royal Cock Tease!] And also another commission for sabur! c:

Navael gets what he wants from Adisa, but I don’t think Adisa minds all that much. x)

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